Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Little Nook

Ok, so what do you do with 2 adults ands 3 kids sharing a 3 bedroom condo? You take over the "eat-in" area of the kitchen for your crafting nook! (Ok, so I took over part of the master closet, too...) I usually spill over into the dining room, even though my "craft armoire" opens up into a nice big workspace.

My acrylic stamps are stored in the drawer towers. And I now have the Cricut Expression instead of the little "bug."

My "woodie" storage in the closet!

Of course, this is not ALL of my stuff. I still have more in my closet and in a hall closet, but hey, at least it's organized!!!


Stampin n da Hood said...

great use of small space, Susan!
Love what you did with the woodies!

GlitterGirl said...

I love how you're storing your woodies! What size bags are these? And are they on skirt hangers? I LOVE this!